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John Kramer was born in Ohio and spent equal amounts of his childhood in Ohio and Arizona. For 6 years, he served in the Ohio and Arizona Army National Guard. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree, Justice Studies from ASU. Upon completion of his degree, he was hired by Scottsdale Police Department as a patrol officer and served in that capacity for approximately 3 years.

In 2005, John began serving as a patrol officer for Gilbert Police Department. In 2007, John Kramer became a departmental Firearms Instructor and later became a lead instructor for the department’s patrol rifle program. John also obtained further training and became a departmental Glock and AR15 armorer.

John has been teaching the CCW class since May of 2017. He also teaches firearms classes including the proper use, safety, and care of a firearm. John is an AZ Post Certified Firearms Instructor, AZ Post Certified Patrol Rifle Instructor and an NRA Certified Firearms Instructor.