iCarryAZ Services

Classes Offered: At Client's Home, At John Kramer's Home, At Quentin Defense, At A Gun Range

carry a concealed weapon

CCW (Carrying a Concealed Weapon)

Either in our classrooms or at your home, iCarryAZ is here to provide students with the information needed to satisfy the education requirement to obtain an Arizona Carry Concealed Permit.

This fun, interactive, and entertaining course is taught by an NRA certified instructor that is a veteran law enforcement officer with over 10 years as an Arizona Post Certified Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor. The course will cover incredibly important information for anyone that carries, interested in carrying, owns a firearm or is interested in owning a firearm.

This class is a one-stop experience where students will get everything needed to immediately apply for a CCW permit. After the conclusion of the course students will receive a Certificate of Completion, an AZ DPS CCW application packet, and will be fingerprinted onsite at no extra charge ($20 value).

To receive the CCW Permit, students will need to mail in the envelope provided the completed application form, a course Certificate of Completion, and both fingerprint cards along with the PAYMENT in the form of a cashier check for $60 (NO PERSONAL CHECKS WILL BE ACCEPTED) to Arizona DPS. Remember to add postage.

Students will also receive a resource CD that includes lots of information and printable safety related items pertaining to the class material and to firearms safety.

The highly informative course and the fingerprinting takes approximately 3 hours, depending upon the extent of class participation.

use of force

Use of Force -
Shoot / No Shoot Class

iCarryAZ offers a Use of Force class at your home, office, or at one of our classrooms. This class is created directly from law enforcement training programs. Allows students to further understand the practical application of lawful force in scenarios taken directly from real world incidents where students will have to decide if lethal force is lawful and appropriate.

Using live actors and airsoft guns (where appropriate and legal), students will receive a more in-depth block of instruction regarding the lawful use of force and then students will go through several reality-based scenarios where they will apply what they learned while under stress.

This training is great for anyone that owns or is thinking about owning a firearm and it will help bring home the important issues of when lethal force can and cannot be used.

This unique and important class is great as a stand-alone class or as part of your personal continuing education as a firearms owner / CCW permit holder. The class will run approximately 3 hours depending upon the class size and the participation of the students.

individual instruction

Individual One-On-One Instruction

iCarryAZ is proud to offer individual one-on-one firearms instruction for anyone looking to become proficient in the use of their firearm or wants to learn how to shoot starting from scratch. With over 10 years’ experience teaching law enforcement officers how to use their firearms, there is no issue to big that we can’t handle.

Our instructors our polite, courteous, and very knowledgeable, and will provide each student with the level of instruction needed in a low stress, friendly manner. This is a great opportunity for anyone that is new to firearms.

Basic instruction occurs at your home or at one of our classrooms where we will go over the fundamentals of using the firearm. If the student is already comfortable with using a firearm or if the introductory off-range instruction has been completed, we will meet at an indoor range for a full hour of dedicated instruction.

Range sessions are tailored for each student. There can be up to three students in a range session and depending upon skill level, there can be up to two students shooting at a time.

The student is responsible for paying any associated range and/or equipment fees along with the instructor fee. The student will have to provide their own firearm and ammunition or rent a firearm and purchase ammunition from the range.